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Marshall Middle School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


  • President: Christy Munch
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Paull 
  • Secretary: Megan Breckling
  • Treasurer: Bertha Hart
  • Email: to reach any of our officers

Marshall PTA welcomes you to join us each month for our scheduled PTA meetings.

PTA Meeting Dates & Times (3rd Thursday of Every Month at 4:00pm) in the conference in the main office. Meeting attendance is not required to join the PTA; however, it is a great way to get to know more about what is going on at your child's school, meet other families/teachers and be a part of the Marshall Middle School community. Attendance is required for voting purposes. Join us and share your ideas!


  • Reflections: Jessica May
  • 8th Grade Graduation: TBD


  • Scoopie Nights at Milton Avenue-
  • Papa Murphy Nights at 2261 Humes Road-
  • Potbelly Nights-

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Scoopie Nights
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Conference Meals
  • Family Fun Nights

Wisconsin PTA Website -

National PTA Website -

PTA Meeting Minutes: