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Attendance Policy

Reporting Absences or Tardies

When contacting the attendance office (608-743-6230), please speak slowly and begin by spelling the child's last name. Then give the first name, the grade, and reason for absence. If the child's name is hyphenated, please spell both names.

Our preferred method of contact for reporting absences is the telephone. However, the attendance office also may be reached by e-mail when there are technical difficulties with the telephone system. Please use the following link to reach the attendance office and be sure to give the student's first and last names, the grade, and reason for absence. If the child's name is hyphenated, please include both names.

E-mail the Attendance Office

Signing Students Out

School policies designate that ALL students must be signed out from school through the attendance office. Students will be released only to parents or people identified on the emergency card. In addition, students will be instructed to meet an awaiting parent in the Attendance Office (this applies to pre-arranged appointments as well). NO student will be allowed to leave school to walk or ride a bike home or to an appointment. Please refer to our Student/Parent Handbook, Page 1, Attendance Regulations.

While we are aware this requires a little extra time and effort, your student's safety is our primary concern. Thank you for understanding that there will be no exceptions to this policy.